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Under this Canada immigration stream, investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed persons can immigrate to Canada by getting a Permanent Resident Visa. An important point in this regard is that all such immigrants should be instrumental in increasing the development of Canadian economy.

Depending on their ability, managerial skill-sets and their desire to invest in Canada, self-employed, investors and entrepreneurs can gain Canada permanent residency resulting in Canadian citizenship. Their net worth is yet another significant factor worth consideration by the government of Canada for giving them Canada Permanent Resident Visa.

Canada government and a few other provinces of Canada have a couple of attractive choices for you to immigrate to Canada provided you are ready to invest in Canadian economy. Business persons from any nation can apply under Canada Business Class Investor Program.

Business Immigrants under Business Class Investor Program—


Foreigners who are desirous to become self-employed after immigration to Canada need to fulfill following requirements—

  • They must have relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics.
  • They must have the ability and desire to make contributions to the cultural and/or athletic life of Canada; or
  • They should have required experience in farm management as well as the ability and desire to purchase and manage a farm after Canada immigration.


Investors need to show that they have lawfully obtained net worth of not less than $800,000(Canadian dollars) and are willing for making an interest-free investment of $400,000(Canadian dollars) for a period of five years with the government of Canada.


Entrepreneurs who intend to own and manage a business undertaking in Canada, make contributions to the economy of Canada, and generate new Canadian jobs can apply under Business Class Investor Program. They have to furnish proof of having business experience as well as lawfully obtained net worth of not less than $300,000(Canadian dollars). Canada is a favored destination for its excellence in technical innovation and research, high standard of living and low taxes and business costs for any entrepreneur desirous of immigrating to Canada under Canada Business Class Investor Program.

Business Class Investor Program—Eligibility Conditions—

  • The applicant must provide language skills test to prove his or her English/French proficiency;
  • In addition, the applicant needs to have Canadian post-secondary certificate/degree or diploma of at least one year or its equivalent foreign education which is considered valid through an ECA report from any organizations designated by CIC.
  • The applicant must have a personal net worth of at least $10 million (CDN) obtained lawfully either through private sector business or investment.

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Business Class Investor Program—Key Advantages—

  • Benefit of becoming Canada permanent resident—After getting Canada permanent residency, you get same advantages as enjoyed by Canadians. Benefits include access to free public education, global health care and top universities among others.
  • Investment with zero-risk—Canada government offers full guarantee for your investments under this program. Your investments are returned after a couple of years.
  • Inclusion of family members in the application—As an applicant, you can include your close family members like your spouse and/or dependent children in the application. They get same benefits as available to the principal applicant.

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