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Redefine Immigration—Personalized Approach for Reunification of Families in Canada

Under Canada Family Class Immigration category, Canada permanent residents and Canadian citizens can sponsor their immediate family members. Canada government is dedicated to reunite families as and when possible under its immigration system. So, the top agenda of Canadian government is to process applications of Canada sponsorship.

Under Canada Family Class immigration stream, Canadian permanent residents or Canada citizens can offer sponsorship to their common-law partner or spouse, parents and grandparents, adopted children, or any other eligible relatives. Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens are also allowed to sponsor their other relatives including a sibling under special circumstances.

For sponsoring your relative or your family members, you should be qualified as a Canada permanent resident or a Canada citizen. We, at Redefine Immigration and Recruitment Solutions Inc., help you find out if you have the eligibility to sponsor your family or relatives for immigration to Canada. Moreover, we undertake the work of preparing and submitting the application for Canada sponsorship and permanent residence on your family member’s behalf getting sponsored by you.

  • To offer sponsorship, one needs to be not less than 18 years of age;
  • The sponsor must be Canada permanent resident or a citizen of Canada;
  • The sponsor should provide a proof of his or her ability to provide financial help to the family member/members;
  • The sponsor should provide his or her willingness to provide financial help to the family member for three years duration from the date of getting Canada permanent residency.

Spousal Sponsorship, under Canada Family Class stream, is for a Canada citizen or Canada permanent resident wanting to sponsor his or her Spousal/common-law partner or conjugal partner at  Redefine Immigration and Recruitment Consultants, we assist you in determining your eligibility for sponsorship and help you and your Spousal in applying for Canada Spousal sponsorship and Canada permanent residency.

For obtaining a visa under Canada Spousal sponsorship stream, the sponsor and the person being sponsored must be able to prove their relationship under any of the streams mentioned below—

  • Spousal: Both the sponsor and the partner being sponsored should be married legally. They must also possess legal document to prove their married relationship.
  • Conjugal partner: A foreigner who is staying outside Canada and has been in a conjugal relationship with the sponsor for at least one year but was unable to live with the sponsor as a couple is deemed to be a conjugal partner.
  • Common-law partner: Both the Spousal and the sponsored person should be living together at least for one year excluding any short absence for business/family reasons.

Eligibility Conditions for sponsorship under Spousal or Common-law partner sponsorship—

You can, as a citizen of Canada or as a permanent resident of Canada, offer sponsorship to your Spousal or your conjugal partner/common-law partner and their dependent children. Your partner can be of same or the opposite sex. Meanwhile, the person being sponsored must—

  • Be at least 18 years;
  • Not be related too closely to the person offering sponsorship (that is, by blood).

Eligibility conditions for the Sponsor—

The Sponsor must—

  • Be at least 18 years of age; Be either a Canada permanent resident or a Canada citizen staying in Canada; Not be in prison, a bankrupt, charged with any serious crime or offence; and Not have been offered sponsorship as a Spousal in the last five years period.

Redefine Immigration and Recruitment Consultants Inc. is ready to help you in finding your eligibility for sponsorship. We can assist you as well as your Spousal in the application process of Canada sponsorship and Canada permanent residency. Being a leading Immigration consultant Canada, we feel happy in offering our esteemed clients with professional and highly valuable immigration services the world over.
Redefine Immigration and Recruitment Consultants Inc. offers you complete and appropriate guidance to include various aspects of the application process for Canada immigration to avoid all instances of any error that could lead to delay or denial for your Canada Spousal sponsorship application.
Redefine Immigration and Recruitment Consultants Inc.’s customized immigration services is what makes us special and sets us apart when it comes to choosing any immigration consultant. No wonder, we get referrals from our customers year after year. Today, we feel delighted to be among the top rated immigration consultants enjoying high rate of success.
Till date, we have enabled an increased number of Canadian permanent residents and Canada citizens sponsor their Spousals or common-law partners come and join them to live in Canada.

Under this Canada immigration category, Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens can sponsor to their parents and grandparents for getting Canada permanent residency. Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship–FamilyClass (FC) Immigration category of Canada allows Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens aged 18 or more to offer sponsorship to their parents and grandparents to help them become Canada permanent residents. As a sponsor, you have to be staying in Canada.
You have to ensure that you fulfill essential requirements of yourself and your parent or grandparent if you offer sponsorship to your parents or grandparents for Canada immigration as a Canada permanent resident. Offering financial support after the arrival of your parents or grandparents in Canada becomes your responsibility. You will have to make sure that your parents or grandparents don’t have to depend on social assistance from the government of Canada.

Know your eligibility for Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship—
The person, that is, the sponsor providing sponsorship to his or her grandparents or parents must fulfill eligibility requirements. All applicants for Canada permanent residency have to undergo background, medical and criminal checks. Canada government does not allow an applicant with a criminal record or any person deemed to pose a threat or risk to Canada’s security.

You cannot sponsor your grandparent or your parent in following conditions—

  • If you did not offer any financial assistance agreed to when signing up for sponsorship agreement in the past;
  • If you did not abide by a support order from court(alimony or child support);
  • If you had defaulted on any immigration loan;
  • If you had received financial aid for reasons other than disability;
  • If you were found guilty and were convicted for any sexual offence, against your relative or any violent crime based on the conditions, like offence’s nature, when it took place and any issuance of record suspension;
  • If you were in prison;
  • If you have declared bankruptcy and are yet to get released from it.
  • In addition, some other conditions can also leave you ineligible for offering sponsorship to your relative.

To offer sponsorship—

You and your sponsored relative have to sign a sponsorship contract that shows your commitment for providing financial assistance to him or her. Further, the agreement clearly shows that the relative getting a Canada permanent residency will make sure to provide support to himself or herself while living in Canada. There is no requirement for signing a contract for children below 19 years. Quebec residents need to make an undertaking with this province.You have to promise to provide financial help for the concerned relative and other eligible relatives who are accompanying them for three to ten years(based on the relationship to you and age). The period begins on the very day of their becoming a Canada permanent resident.

Those living in Quebec need to abide Quebec immigration sponsorship requirements after getting approval as a sponsor by immigration department of Canada.

Super Visa is valid for a period of ten years. Parents and Grandparents of Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens can visit Canada to stay with their family for a maximum time of up to 24 months without any requirement of renewing their Super Visa.

Super Visa is a long term multiple-entry visa and is valid for a period of ten years. It is a Canada temporary resident permit. Super visa helps parents and grandparents of Canada permanent residents and Canada citizens to visit their family members living in Canada. They can live in Canada for a maximum period of up to two years without renewing their visa.

Processing period of Canada Super Visa is just nearly 8 weeks.

Canada Parent and Grandparent Super Visa—Know your eligibility—For Canada immigration, Parents and Grandparents must be in good health. They must not have any health conditions that might lead to an excessive strain on Canada’s medical system. In addition, a couple of income guidelines must also be fulfilled for Canada Parent and Grandparent Super Visa.

For making an application for Canada Parent and Grandparent Super Visa, you should—

  • Be parent or grandparent of a Canada citizen or a Canada permanent resident;
  • Be permitted to come to Canada; and
  • Follow some other conditions as well.

Canada government has made it clear that dependents cannot be included in the application for Canada Parents and Grandparents.

Making Application for Canada Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents—

While applying for Canada Super Visa, a Canada official will be considering the below mentioned points—

  • Reason of your Canada visit;
  • Your financial condition;
  • Your ties with your native country;
  • Economic and political stability of your native country; and;
  • Invitation from a host in Canada.

You must fulfill some other requirements mentioned below—

You have to prove that your grandchild or child staying in Canada abides the condition of minimum income for this immigration stream;
You should have a Canadian medical insurance having validity for at least one year;
You must possess an immigration medical exam; and
You have to provide a written statement from your grandchild or child that he/shall will provide you financial assistance.

Redefine Immigration and Recruitment Consultants Inc. feels delighted to assess your qualifications for offering Canada sponsorship to your parents or grandparents at no cost. Kindly fill our Canada Family Class Assessment Form and Redefine Immigration and Recruitment Consultants Inc. will get connected with you immediately.

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