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Investor Class

Investor Class
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“Business Immigration Program enables investors, self-employed people and entrepreneurs with dedicated routes to Canada permanent residence. “

. The immigration stream is governed by Canada immigration department i.e. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Eligibility conditions for getting qualified under Business Immigration Program include education, language skills, proof of sufficient funds and relevant work experience.

Canada Business immigration providing permanent admission in the nation includes Federal Start-Up Visa program, Federal Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program, several Provincial Nominee Entrepreneur programs including Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (QIIP), Quebec Entrepreneur program and Quebec Self-Employed.

Majority of self-employed and entrepreneur programs target people having good personal net worth wanting to set up and operate a business after coming to Canada, the investor schemes are meant for high-net worth persons desirous of a passive investment without any responsibility for setting up a business.

Rich business immigrants can purchase or set up a new business venture in Canada and get qualified for a Canada temporary work visa, under Canada’s owner-operator rules. Applicants can get qualified for Canada permanent residence under some appropriate immigration scheme after a certain time period.

  • Eligibility conditions for the IIVCP—
    • Applicants should make an investment of $2 million in any government-approved VC fund for not less than 15 years, without any return of guarantee.
    • Personal net worth of at least $10 million.
    • Applicants have to prove that their net worth threshold had been obtained from lawful, businesses/investment pursuits or for profit-making management.
    • Compulsory language testing;
    • Proof of having duly completed Canadian post-secondary qualification of not less than one year, or proof of any foreign education equivalent. Meanwhile, applicants with a personal net worth of at least $50 million are exempted.
  • Under Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, selected individuals do not need to either establish or manage actively any business in Quebec. The immigration stream needs an investment of at least $800,000 into some government verified investment. Applicants should intend to settle in Quebec.Successful applicants get a selection certificate from Quebec for immigration to Canada. This selection certificate enables them to get Canada permanent residence after clearing criminality and health examination by federal immigration officials.
  • This program targets to hire individuals having experience and skill-sets for operating a business in Quebec. Following are the eligibility conditions—
    • Show a legally obtained personal net worth of not less than $300,000;
    • Show significant ownership as well as day-to-day senior management of any successful business venture for at least two out of last five years.
    • Make a commitment of making an investment of not less than $100,000 in establishment, buying or expansion of a business or entering into any successful partnership and having not less than 25 percent of ownership interest.
    • Make a commitment of creating of not less than one full-time job for any Canada permanent resident or Canada citizen.

    Applicants get analyzed as per several selection factors and have to get a certain number of points on the basis of their education, age, work experience, business plan, language proficiency and their Quebec ties. A limited number of applications are accepted by the government every year.

  • To get qualified, applicants need to fulfill the below mentioned conditions—
    • Possess at least two years of applicable experience;
    • Possess sufficient settlement funds needed for supporting themselves and their family members.

    Must work in any profession included in the National Occupational Classification. Meeting licensing requirements for their respective profession is also mandatory for prospective applicants.

  • You can make an application for a Start-Up Visa provided you have some innovative business venture or idea. Meanwhile, it needs to be noted that the venture you want to pursue needs to be supported by some designated organization.

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