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Provincial Nominees

Provincial Nominees
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Canada has authorized its provinces and territories to select and offer nomination to foreigners for getting Canada permanent residents based on the eligibility conditions and the application process.So, every Canada province has its own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) for skilled or semi-skilled workers, business persons and foreign students.

Every Provincial Nomination Program is customized to fulfill the needs of each Canadian territory or Canadian province for choosing nominees. Applicants are chosen based on the contribution made by them to the provincial or territorial economy they receive nomination. Applicants must possess required education credentials, work-experience and skill-sets for contributing to Canadian provincial or territory economy. Intention to live in the respective Canadian province or territory economy is yet another pre-requisite.

Requirements before you apply for Canada Permanent Residence—

Before you apply for Canada permanent residency, you must get a nomination from concerned Canada province or territory. You need to either have a job offer from any business located within the respective province in Canada or have ties with Canada province. However, this requirement may get waived off in some conditions.

Eligibility conditions—

The eligibility condition for Provincial Nominee Program depends on whether you apply through Express Entry or paper-based process, i.e. non-Express Entry process.

  • You have to meet the minimum requirements of the respective Canada territory or province’s Express Entry Provincial Nomination Program stream; and
  • You must get selected under the respective immigration stream;
  • You have to make an Express Entry profile and also show a proof that you are fulfilling the requirement of minimum eligibility criteria for Canada Express Entry.
  • You must get nomination under the concerned stream;
  • You have to meet the minimum eligibility conditions of one of the non-Express Entry streams of Canada territory or province.
  • If you have proof of having studied in Canada, then you gain additional points;
  • A valid job offer is required just for one year period. You will be glad to know that some offers of job do not require any Labor Market Impact Assessment(LMIA);
  • If you receive an invitation to make an application, then a period of 90 days is given to you (as against the period of 60 days earlier).

Know Your Eligibility under any of the Provincial Nomination Program—

  • Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program
  • BC Provincial Nominee Program
  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program
  • Saskatchewan Province Nomination Program

Redefine Immigration and Recruitment Consultants Inc. feels delighted to let you file your application for Provincial Nomination along with filing of your Canada Permanent Residence application.

Provincial Nomination Programs

British Columbia’s economic growth is dependent on required number of skilled and qualified people for meeting requirements of labor market. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) offers a path for foreigners who are experienced entrepreneurs and skilled workers and desirous of coming to BC for permanent settlement.

Different Routes under BC PNP—

Three routes are available under BC PNP for gaining BC permanent residency. There are different categories under every BC PNP route. You need to apply while keeping your job, foreign student status or National Occupational Classification (NOC) skills level.

Choose Your Route—

Skills Immigration allows skilled and semi-skilled foreign workers in high-demand occupations in British Columbia to get selected. This is based on the points-based invitation system. You need to get yourself registered and a paper-based application process for getting permanent residency and online application for British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program.

The best part about some categories is that you may not even need any prior work experience. This is applicable to candidates who are latest international graduates of any Canadian college or university since they don’t need any work experience subject to the condition of the job offer they are getting. Meanwhile, skilled workers may have work experience from abroad. Applicants at the entry level and semi-skilled category need work experience in BC.

Rich and affluent business people who are willing to make investments in BC and govern a business actively can apply under Entrepreneur Immigration in BC. It is a point-based immigration process.

Applicants must have personal funds and investments. For firms or companies seeking expansion in BC and those desirous of obtaining permanent residency for their leading staff have a choice.

Express Entry BC offers a fast route for qualified and eligible skilled foreign workers wishing to get immigration to BC. It is based on the points-based process and has web-based application and registration process for BC PNP.

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) applications pass through three phases of evaluation, each with their own requirements.

This phased approach was introduced with amendments to Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) in 2008, with the primary aim of reducing backlogs and wait times.


A FSW application must first be considered eligible for processing. This is the primary way the government has reduced the number of applications it has to process.

Applications that are judged to be ineligible will not be processed.

Eligibility requirements were introduced as a set of instructions by the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, beginning in February 2008. They can be changed by the Minister at any time, and have changed several times since.

Currently, to be eligible for processing, an applicant must:

Have worked for the equivalent of one continuous year in one of 29 specific qualifying occupations during the last 10 years. There is an overall cap of 10,000 applications per year that will be processed under these criteria, with a maximum of 500 per occupation. To see how much space is still open, see Applications Received; or
Have an Arranged Employment offer. Job offers have their own set of criteria that are required, and must be approved by Human Resources and Social Development Canada (ESDC). For more information, see Arranged Employment In Canada. There is no cap for applicants with Arranged Employment; or
Have either completed two years of study towards a PhD at a provincially recognized program, or have completed a PhD in Canada within the last year. PhD applicants are subject to their own cap of 1,000 per year.
If an application does not fit into one of these categories, it is returned, and the government processing fees the applicant paid are returned as well.


Once an application is deemed eligible for processing, it enters the selection phase.

The selection phase evaluates for all of the following:

Whether the applicant has the equivalent of one year of continuous paid work experience in a skilled occupation in the last 10 years. Applicants qualifying under one of the 29 occupations at the eligibility phase would have already passed this requirement at that point.
Whether the applicant meets sufficient points. Points are awarded for education, work experience, age, language and adaptability. At the present time, the applicant must score at least 67 points. For more information, see Selection Factors.
Whether the applicant can establish himself/herself economically once in Canada. This can be satisfied in one of two ways: the applicant has sufficient settlement funds according to government thresholds (for more information, see Settlement Funds), or has an Arranged Employment offer.
The applicant must satisfy all of these criteria for a positive selection decision to be made.

If all of these selection factors are not met, the application is refused, and the associated government processing fees the candidate paid are not returned.

One exception worth noting is that in some rare cases, a visa officer can override the points result. They might do this, for example, if they think, from all the other evaluated criteria, that a candidate is likely to be successful in Canada, even if they are missing the required points.

If a positive selection decision is made the application proceeds to the final phase of the process.


The final phase of the FSWapplication process determines whether the applicant is admissible to Canada. This phase has two parts, a medical check, and a security check.

An applicant can be medically inadmissible if they somehow endanger the health or safety of the Canadian population, or might cause excessive demand on government health or social services. For more information, see Medical Admissibility Requirements.
An applicant can be criminally inadmissible if they have committed certain types of crimes, have been involved in organized crime, crimes against humanity or war crimes, or are deemed somehow to be a threat to Canadian security. For more information, see Criminal Inadmissibility Problems.
If an applicant is inadmissible to Canada, similarly to the selection phase, their application is refused, and the government processing fees the candidate paid are not returned.

Passing these two final checks completes the Federal SKilled Worker application process, with the applicant able to then proceed to immigrate to Canada.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program or SINP provides immigration to Canada to applicants. However, you must make an application for permanent residence through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

This immigration stream issues—

  • Invitation to non-Canadians wishing to immigrate to Saskatchewan for living there permanent to apply for permanent residence; and
  • Nominations of successful candidates to the government of Canada to help them gain permanent residence.

Categories of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program under which you can make an application—

This category is for skilled workers abroad desirous of living and working in Saskatchewan.

International Skilled Worker—Employment Offer

  • Meeting the conditions of sub-category; and
  • Having an offer of job for skilled occupation in Saskatchewan.

Eligibility requirements

To be eligible, you need to be living outside Canada or have a proof of Canada legal status. You should not be a refugee claimant. In addition, you should—

Eligibility requirements—</strong

To be eligible, you need to be living outside Canada or have a proof of Canada legal status. You should not be a refugee claimant. In addition, you should—

  • Have at least one year of work experience in last ten years in the occupation you want to start;
  • Have at least 60 out of 100 points on the SINP points assessment grid;
  • Should possess a language score of at least Canadian Language Benchmark 4. Meanwhile, regulatory authorities and employers can ask for higher scores than CLB 4.
  • If occupation you wish to pursue happens to be in some compulsory apprenticeship trade or regulated profession, then you have to show your eligibility for Saskatchewan licensure.
  • Have a full-time permanent offer of employment in Saskatchewan. You shall need a valid SINP Job Approval Letter to prove your job offer. The offer of job needs to be in any of the occupations listed in the National Occupation List Matric level A, B, or O, or any other trade designated in Saskatchewan.
  • Hospitality Sector Project sub-category is meant Food and Beverage persons/Servers and Health Professionals sub-category is for health professionals.

International Skilled Worker—Occupation In-Demand—There is a non-refundable online application fee of $300 to be paid through credit card for Occupation In-Demand sub-category applicants from 1st April, 2017. Meanwhile, the applications are not being accepted currently.

If you currently live and work in Saskatchewan on a valid work permit and want to make an application for permanent residence through SINP, then this category is for you.

Applicants with Existing Work Permit

if you are a skilled worker fulfilling the following conditions, this sub-category is for you. Eligibility conditions you need to fulfill are—

  • You should be working for at least six months with a valid work permit in Saskatchewan.
  • You must have a full-time permanent job offer from an employer in Saskatchewan and the job needs to be in the NOC Matrix A, B, O, or any other designated trade;
  • Food and Beverage Persons/servers can make an application under the sub-category of Hospitality Sector Pilot Project.
  • You need to have a valid Job Approval Letter;
  • You need to have worked for the employer for at least six months giving you the job offer and a valid work permit from the IRCC. You need to have the permanent and full-time offer of job for the same employment position that you are employed at for the six months period.
  • If your offer of job happens to be in any NOC C occupation, you need to have a language score of not less than CLB 4.
  • If the job is regulated in this province and you require a mandatory certificate or licensure, then you need to have an eligibility proof for the same.
  • Health Professionals—If you are a skilled worker working for at least six months on any temporary work permit full-time as a nurse/physician/other health professional and fulfill the nomination criteria for SINP.
  • Hospitality Sector Project—If you are a foreign worker desirous of applying for permanent residence and :
  • Presently working on a temporary work permit in Saskatchewan;
  • Have been working for at least six months(960 hours) with any employer approved by SINP Hospitality; and are working in either of the below mentioned jobs—
  • Food Counter Attendant/kitchen helper(NOC6711)
  • Food/beverage server(NOC 6513)
  • Cleaning or housekeeping staff(NOC 6731)

Long Haul Truck Driver

Long-haul drivers are hired by trucking firms in Saskatchewan. Eligibility conditions are as follows—

  • To become eligibility, you must begin working on a temporary foreign work permit for any trucking firm approved in Saskatchewan;
  • As a trucker, you need to make an application to the SINP for permanent residence after at least six months job on getting an offer of permanent employment from any approved trucking firm in this province;
  • Meet the criteria of the sub-category.


If you are a student who fulfills the following conditions, Saskatchewan awaits you. See the following criteria—

  • You must want to make an application for nomination by SINP;
  • You should have graduated successfully from any designated Canadian post-secondary educational institute.

Farm Category

If you are an experienced farmer wishing to buy and operate a farm in Saskatchewan and you have—

  • Sufficient assets/money for investing in any farming operation; and
  • Required experience in farming.

Entrepreneur Category

You and your family members can start or partner a business and become actively engaged in managing the affairs of such business while being in Saskatchewan. So, if you are an entrepreneur wanting to begin a new business in Saskatchewan, then this sub-category is meant for you provided you fulfill the following conditions—

  • Submission of the Expression of Interest to the SINP;
  • Expression of Interest Selection and Invitation for submission of an application; and
  • Last, but not the least is, getting nomination.

Nova Scotia Nominee Program or NSNP helps get potential immigrants possessing the required experience and skill-sets to move to this Canadian province. The process of immigration gets fast-tracked when you get a Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Certificate.

Feeling eager to move to Nova Scotia? See whether you are qualified to immigrate to Nova Scotia under the following streams of Nova Scotia Nominee Program—

  • Entrepreneur stream
  • Skilled Worker stream
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur stream
  • Nova Scotia Experience–Express Entry stream
  • Nova Scotia Demand—Express Entry stream
This immigration stream enables experienced business persons or senior business managers wishing to stay in Nova Scotia. The only condition is that they must either start a new business and actively participate in its management or purchase an already existing business. You can apply under this stream by receiving an invitation. You can get nomination for permanent residency after handling the business for a period of 12 months.
Under this immigration stream, employers are allowed to recruit foreign workers and recent grad international students having skill-sets in high demand in Nova Scotia. The only condition is that if employers don’t find Canada permanent residents or Canada citizens possessing required skills, then they can recruit foreigners for vacant job positions in Nova Scotia.
If you are a recent graduate of Nova Scotia Community University or college, then International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream is best suited for you. However, you must already have either bought or started a Nova Scotia business and operated for at least one year period. You can apply under this stream after getting an invitation and you can get nomination for permanent residency provided you wish to live in Nova Scotia permanently.

Express Entry—If you are a high-skilled person desirous of living in Nova Scotia permanently, then this immigration stream is suitable for you. You should have at least one year experience of working in some high-skilled occupation in Nova Scotia.

This immigration stream helps high-skilled persons who wish to stay in Nova Scotia permanently and must have a good chance of getting an employment in Nova Scotia employment market at the earliest. You need to know that as of now, this stream is not allowing any new applicants to apply. Nova Scotia immigration office has the authority to regard just a few categories of occupations for issuing nominations depending upon the needs of the present employment market.

This immigration stream allows Ontario to offer nomination to foreigners having experience and required skills for making contribution to the provincial economy. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program or OINP is instrumental in fulfilling the requirements of employment market and economic development of the provincial economy while enabling foreigners getting nomination to get permanent residency.

This immigration stream is governed jointly by the federal government and the Ontario government through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Applicants are assessed by the provincial nominee program for offering permanent residency to the selected candidates. Those who are offered nominations are eligible to make an application for permanent residence. However, the final decision on every application is made by the IRCC. Permanent residence visas are issued to applicants chosen by the IRCC.

Who can get nominated under Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program?—

Well, foreigners who fulfill all the conditions for OINP get nominations for permanent residency. This becomes possible after selected applicants under admissibility checks for security and health grounds for getting permanent residence. As nominated applicants wait for their permanent residence application to get processed, they can make an application to the IRCC for getting a temporary work permit.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program—

Employers who have problems in getting requisite skilled and qualified workforce in Ontario can hire workers under Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. They can either hire foreigners through International Student with a Job Offer stream or General Category.

Employers can—

  • File an application for getting approval of full-time and permanent job positions to be filled by hiring foreigners; and
  • Recruit foreigners for such vacant job positions in Ontario.

It needs to be noted that employers need to forward a Pre-screened Application to Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program for getting approval for the vacant job positions needed to be filled. Once the pre-screen application gets approved, qualifying international student or foreign worker has to submit, within 60 days, a nominee application.

Foreign students who make application in this stream can directly apply to Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program. The only requirement is that they must intend to live and permanently settle in Ontario and must be staying in Ontario presently.
International students receiving an offer of job can live and work in Ontario permanently under OINP. The offer of job should either be a permanent full-time job offer from any employer in Ontario, or from a business undertaking with an endorsed investment in Ontario.
Recommended investors are allowed to recruit foreign workers under the General Category.

Are you a foreign worker, an international student or an employer wanting to make use of this Canada provincial immigration program?

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