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Startup Visa

Startup Visa
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“Established in the year 2013, Start-Up Visa Program offers permanent residence as well as work permits for qualified immigrant entrepreneurs”

Aim of this program is to hire entrepreneurs and help them get linked with Canada private sector businesses. The target is to assist them set up businesses having the potential to soar globally. It will be made permanent with effect from 31st March, 2018.

  • Letter of support or commitment certificate from any designated entity;
  • Compulsory language testing(you need to fulfill the basic level of Canadian Language Benchmark 5 in either French or English in four areas including listening, speaking, reading and writing);
  • Sufficient available, transferable and un-mortgaged settlement funds;
  • Not less than one year post-secondary education.
  • A designated venture capital fund needs to make sure that it is ready to invest not less than $200,000 Canadian dollars into the qualifying business/two or more commitments from any designated venture capital funds amounting to $200,000 Canadian Dollars; or
  • A nominated angel investor group needs to give a confirmation that it is going to invest not less than $75,000 Canadian dollars into the qualifying business/two or more commitments from nominated angel investor groups amounting to $75,000 Canadian dollars; or
  • A nominated business developer needs to give a confirmation that it is willing to accept the applicant into its business incubator program.

To get qualified, intended business should be incorporated and conducting business in Canada when the commitment is done and—

  • The applicant should own not less than 10 percent of the voting rights in the corporation;
  • No other person has around 50 percent or more of total voting rights in the undertaking.

Not more than five applicants can have their permanent residence application get assisted by the same business investment. Meanwhile, some applicants can be considered as necessary to the planned business. If any necessary applicant withdraws his or her application or the application gets refused for any other reasons, this will result in termination of other applicants’ applications under the same business.

Applicants having a Commitment Certificate from any appointed body/institution and are desirous of starting their work in the business during their permanent residence application processing can make an application for a short-term work permit based on the Commitment Certificate provided such request gets supported by the nominated institute.

Start-Up Visa program is not applicable to applicants wanting to live in Quebec.

Invitation to apply for Canada permanent residency –

Candidates having highest ranking in the pool of Express Entry based on the point based process called Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) get ranked against other candidates (based on the details offered in their profile). Points are given for—

  • An offer of job; and/or
  • Experience and skills, and/or
  • A provincial or territorial nomination.

Additional points are given for—a valid offer of job, a qualifying Canada education or a provincial or territorial nomination.
These additional points help any applicant get ranked high for receiving an invitation to apply at the next invitation round. Majority of the applicants are processed within a period of six months or lesser.

For a period of up to 12 months, a candidate can be eligible in the pool of Express Entry. However, if the candidate does not get an invitation to apply within a year of his or her submitting profile for Express Entry, then he or she must submit a new Express Entry profile. Subject to fulfillment of eligibility conditions, they have to re-enter the Express Entry pool.

Professional Consulting

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