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Canada gives an opportunity to foreigners for visiting Canada to see their family members or for tourism.

Most of foreign visitors require a visitor visa for visiting Canada. But, there are several visa-exempt countries from which nationals do not require any visa. Those from other countries have to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa.

A Temporary Resident Visa or a TRV is also needed if you have to transit through a Canadian airport while on the route to your final destination of your visit.

Visa for Tourism

  • You have to be in good health;
  • You must possess a valid travel document;
  • Must not have any immigration or criminal related convictions;
  • Must prove before your immigration officer that you will move out of Canada once your visit ends.
  • You need to have sufficient funds to support your Canada stay;
  • Need a have a medical examination along with a letter of invitation from someone already living in Canada;
  • Total funds required for staying in Canada is dependent on the total duration of your stay and also if you are going to stay with your friends/relatives or any hotel.
  • Involved in any criminal act, organized crime; or
  • Guilty of human rights violations.
  • Any other financial, health or security concerns.

Total maximum duration of Canada stay for a Visitor Visa holder—Visitor visa holders can live for six months or till the valid period mentioned on their visitor visa, whichever is earlier.

If somebody wants to extends his or her stay in Canada?—if you want to extend your stay in Canada while being on a Canada visitor visa for tourism, then you have to formally request Canada immigration department not less than 30 days before your current stay’s expiry in Canada. You will have to leave Canada at the earliest possible opportunity if your request for extension is not approved.

Can you work in Canada while coming on a visitor visa for tourism?—While coming on a visitor visa for tourism, you are not allowed to work in Canada unless you apply to Canada immigration department and you get an approval.

Visa for Business

Generally, business visitors don’t require a work permit for visiting Canada with the only exception of those from nations requiring a TRV for entering Canada.

Now the question is who exactly is a business visitor. Well, as a business visitor to Canada, your intention to visit Canada for a temporary period should be to—

  • Make investments in a business;
  • Find out ways for developing your business; or
  • Progress your business relationships.

If you happen to be a business visitor, you will be required to make an application for an eTA or a visa for visiting Canada.

  • Apply when you are making plans for your trip; and
  • Take your passport you used for getting eTA along with you when travelling to Canada.

Documents for visitor visa applicants required to be sent with their application are as follows—

  • An invitation letter from your prospective business partner in Canada; and
  • A 24-hour contact details of the person.
  • Any identification cards or proof showing you have been granted a job.
  • Your intention is to live in Canada for less than six months;
  • You don’t have the intent to enter Canadian employment market;
  • You have all the required documents supporting your application;
  • You have a valid travel document, example a passport;
  • You meet basic entry conditions of Canada;
  • You are not considered to pose any health or security risk to Canadians;
  • You have necessary funds to fund your stay and return to your native nation; and
  • Your main place of business and source of income and profits is outside Canada.

Cross-Border Business—

It can include any of the following—

  • Taking orders for services or goods;
  • Buying Canadian goods or services for any overseas business or government;
  • Attendance of meetings/trade fairs/conventions or conferences;
  • Receiving training from any Canada-based parent firm you are working for outside Canada;
  • Offering training to workforce or any Canadian branch of an overseas company;
  • Receiving training from any Canada firm having sold you equipment or services; or
  • Providing after-sales services.

You shall have to get a Temporary Work Permit if you are desirous of living in Canada for more than six months and also enter the employment market of Canada.

Professional Consulting

Immigration is not merely filling up forms. One has to have knowledge of immigration law, regulations, and policies. Otherwise, you are taking a chance which may be very costly in the long run. Individuals who are regulated immigration consultants can guide you properly .

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