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Agri-Food Pilot Program

Canada understands the need to bring in foreign workers to help support the labour shortage and therefore provides various immigration programs to support the transition. IRCC created the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot Program Canada for fulfilling the shortage in the Canadian agriculture sector and is set to last until May 2023.

The Agri-Food Pilot Program is industry-specific and is intended for non-seasonal livestock and farmworkers who want to settle down in Canada permanently.

It is aimed at:

  • Meat Production
  • Greenhouse, nursery and floriculture production
  • Mushroom production and
  • Animal Production Sectors

There are three steps to apply under the Agri-Food Pilot program Canada:

Step 1

Make Sure your occupation and industry fall under the given list in the Agri-Food Pilot Program. Occupations that are not on this list would not qualify for this program.

Step 2

Determine your general eligibility requirements for this program. All the requirements are mandatory to be able to qualify.

Step 3

Collect your documents and file your application.

Step 1

Eligible Industries and Occupations under the Agri-Food Pilot Program are given below:

Meat product manufacturing (NAICS 3116)• NOC B 6331 – Retail butchers
• NOC C 9462 – Industrial butchers
• NOC B 8252 – Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
• NOC D 9617 – Food processing labourers
Greenhouse, nursery and floriculture production, including mushroom production (NAICS 1114)• NOC B 8252 – Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers
• NOC D 8611 – Harvesting labourers
Animal production, excluding aquaculture
Cattle ranching and farming (NAICS 1121)
Hog and pig farming (NAICS 1122)
Poultry and egg production (NAICS 1123)
Sheep and goat farming (NAICS 1124)
Other animal production (NAICS 1129)
• NOC B 8252 – Farm supervisors and specialized livestock workers

Step 2

You can find the eligibility requirements for the Agri Food Pilot program below: 

Work Experience 

  • You should have a minimum of one year of Canadian Work Experience (Non-Seasonal and Full Time) in the past three years. 
  • It should be on a Labour Market Impact Assessment. 
  • It should be one of the eligible occupations mentioned above.

Language Proficiency

You must take one of the approved language tests, i.e. IELTS, CELPIP-G, TEF Canada or TCF Canada and meet the minimum requirements, which are:

  • CLB 4 in English and;
  • NCLC 5 in French


You should have at least:

  • A Canadian High School Diploma or;
  • An Education Credential Assessment report for your foreign education through a designated organization must be equal to one of the above Canadian Equivalencies.  

Settlement Funds 

You have to prove that you have sufficient money to support yourself and your dependent family members even if they’re not accompanying you. 

Job Offer

The job offer is a mandatory requirement and should be:

  • Full Time (Minimum 30 hours a week)
  • Paid
  • Outside Quebec
  • Non-Seasonal
  • Permanent (Should have no specified end date)

Step 3

To get the updated document checklist and apply under the Agriculture Pilot Program Canada.

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