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Temporary Resident Permit

A Temporary Resident Permit allows deemed inadmissible foreign nationals to enter or stay in Canada. Generally, if someone is admissible to Canada, they’re not allowed to enter the country. However, if they can provide a justified reason to enter Canada, their criminal or medical inadmissibility can be covered by a Temporary Resident Permit.

Understanding Inadmissibility before your TRP Application

A person can be deemed inadmissible for several reasons:

  • Criminal Activities like being involved in money laundering, smuggling, driving under the influence of a substance
  • Security Causes like violence, espionage, terrorism, war crimes etc.
  • Medical causes like endangering public health and safety.
  • Lack of financial support 
  • Misrepresentation of Data
  • Non-compliance with any provision of IRPA (This included not maintaining your residency status respectfully)
  • Being related to a family member who is inadmissible 

Applying for a TRP

The process of a TRP application depends on which country you belong to. Residents of some countries require an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization), and some require a Visa to enter Canada.

Applying from a Visa required country

Applying from an eTA-required country

Applicants must apply for a visitor visa, including some supporting documents demonstrating why they’re admissible and why visiting Canada is justified for them.

IRCC might issue you a temporary resident permit if your eTA was refused, but its approval may depend on the nature of the application. Your own country’s visa office may have its application forms for applying for a TRP.

Length of a Temporary Resident Permit

There is no definite length of an issued Temporary Resident Permit, and it usually lasts until the length of your justified visit in Canada. 

How much does a Temporary Resident Permit cost? 

A temporary resident permit application has a processing fee of 200$. This fee is not refundable in case it is not approved.

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