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Post-Graduation Work Permit

After completion of their education from eligible DLIs (Designated Learning Institutions), international students can obtain an open post-graduation work permit to be able to work in Canada for a specific period. This permit helps them get a job and gain valuable experience, which can later help them get a Permanent Residency in Canada through various immigration programs like the Canadian Experience Class, BC PNP, RNIP etc. 

Are you eligible for a PGWP?

Only one PGWP is issued to applicants in their lifetime, and there are some mandatory eligibility requirements to obtain it. 

  • You have graduated from an eligible DLI (Designated Learning Institution)
  • You have maintained a full-time study status in all your academic sessions except for the last academic session or study leaves. 
  • You must have completed your degree, diploma or certificate in a program which was at least eight months in duration.
  • You have received an official letter and transcript from your institution showing that you’ve met all the requirements for the program.
  • You held or hold a valid study permit.

Not being able to maintain these requirements may result in a refusal of PGWP Canada. 

Can you be on Part-Time status for the final academic session?

Yes, if you have maintained your full-time status during your program’s academic sessions, you can be a part-time student in the last session/semester.

Along with this, you should meet all the other eligibility requirements mentioned above and in your study permit. 

Steps to apply for a Post-graduation work permit

Step 1

Collect your documents. 

You need to gather these documents to apply for your PGWP Canada

  • Final College Transcript
  • Graduation Letter received from your institution 
  • Photocopies of your immigration documents and passport pages.

Step 2

Complete all the application forms.

You must fill and complete various application forms while applying. 

IMM forms like IMM 5710, IMM 5476 etc., are required to be filled and submitted. 

Step 3

Submit your PGWP application and pay the fees.

  • After compiling all the documents, you can register/log-in using a GC Key or a Sign-in Partner to upload all the documents and forms
  • A 255$ Fee needs to be paid to IRCC through the application portal.

Step 4

Waiting and working post-PGWP application.

You can work while you are awaiting the decision on your application as long as you’ve met all the eligibility criteria mentioned here. The PGWP application processing timeline is approx. 3-5 months long, and you can continue working till your work permit expires or if you’ve filed for/received your Permanent Residency. 

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