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Top 10 Reasons to Move to Canada

Canada remains one of the most popular expat destinations with 36.29 million (2016) people currently calling it home. With wide-open spaces and safe, affluent cities, the benefits of living in the Great White North are clear. Canada is one of the most safe, secure and happy nations on the planet with numerous additional perks from polar bears to the Northern Lights. Hundred Thousands of people from all across the world move every year and if you’re looking for a new home overseas, here are 10 indisputable reasons to move to Canada:

10 – Multiculturalism

9- Abundant Natural Resources

8- Not Yet Overpopulated

7- Hockey

6- Canada’s Reputation

5-  Low Violence and Crime Rates

4- Balanced Politics

3- Education

2- Peaceful

1- Free Healthcare


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